Woman faces jail after tagging ex-sister-in-law on Facebook

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Maria Gonzalez violated an order of protection, which is called a restraining order in some states, when she tagged her former sister in law, Maribel Calderon, in a post on Facebook.

The Huffington Post reported that Gonzalez made two posts and tagged Calderon in them.

One of the posts called Calderon "stupid." In another post, Gonzalez said, "You and your family are sad :( . You guys have to come stronger than that!! I'm way over you guys but I guess not in ya agenda."

Calderon received a notification about each, since she was tagged.

Now, Gonzalez could be in jail for a year for violating the order of protection filed against her.

Such an order usually contains the language: "Refrain from communication or any other contact by mail, telephone, e-mail, voice-mail or other electronic or other means with [specify protected person]."

Gonzalez's attorney said the order was not specific in the type of communication that is prohibited.

New York Judge Susan Capeci referred to a 2014 case that treated Facebook communication as email.