Woman battles apartment complex over stolen rent payment

It's something that most renters have done at one point, slip a rent check or money order into an after-hours drop box.
But thieves were also aware of that when police said they stole more than 20 rent payments from the drop box at Sloan Square Apartments in DeKalb County.
The box is gone now, but some theft victims including Erica Bizzell say management still wants that missing money, including the $1,000 that she lost when thieves forged and cashed her money order.
"It was physically in their office," Bizzell told WSB. "It's not my fault that someone came in and broke into that drop box. I did my part. I have the receipts."
Willis went to management and asked how they could hold renters responsible for a crime that happened in their leasing office that renters believed to be secure.
They say they've given renters time to work with their banks and get reimbursed by Western Union but say it's ultimately up to the person who purchased the money order.
"If you knew that, then I don't think that anyone would use a drop box. Like, why would you?" Bizzell said.
She said Western Union has not reimbursed her, despite all of her documentation.
Bizzell, a grad student at Emory University, said she doesn't have an extra $1,000 lying around to cover the payment.
She told Willis she'll never use a drop box again.
"I just don't know what else I can do if no one is doing anything. All I know is I don't think it's fair for me to pay $1,000 that I've paid before," Bizzell said.