WATCH: 5-year-old football players shake hands as parents, coaches throw punches

Parents said????kids started crying and hiding under bleachers, unsure if someone was going to shoot after someone took out a weapon.

While a group of 5-year-olds shook hands after a youth football game Saturday, parents and coaches began throwing punches.

Cellphone video obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows the brawl, which started after a Georgia Youth Football Alliance game in Hapeville.

A parent, who asked not to be identified, told the news station that she and other witnesses saw someone pull a gun during the fight. She said many parents rushed from the bleachers at Hapeville Elementary School onto the field to grab their kids and run away from the chaos.

“I feel like kids should never have to witness that,” the parent said. “Parents (were) running, screaming, crying and trying to get somewhere safe and not knowing if the person that had a weapon — if they were going to shoot or not.”


Witnesses told Channel 2 the video shows a coach wearing red punch another coach minutes after their teams finished playing each other. They were allegedly upset about the result of the game.

Hapeville police said an officer responded to the incident but was not told about any weapons, and most of the people involved had already left when the officer arrived, according to an incident report. Police did not say if any charges will be filed, but an investigation is ongoing.

Channel 2 was unable to reach anyone with the youth football organization for comment.

Fulton County School District spokeswoman Cierra Boyd said the school’s field was being used for the game, but the field “was not utilized by Hapeville Elementary School,” and the game was not “sponsored by Fulton County Schools.”

Two weeks earlier, a fight broke out between adults during a different youth football game in Clayton County, previously reported.

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Two people went to the hospital after the Oct. 27 brawl took place between Forest Park and Union City at Kiwanis Field on Lake Drive, Forest Park police said.

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