WATCH: Man attacks driver with machete at Cobb gas station during road-rage incident

A road rage victim says a man followed him into a gas station and attacked him with a machete.??The attack was all captured on video.

Because of traffic, a man took a turn into a Cobb County gas station slowly and carefully. Minutes later, he was fending off a man with a machete.

Cellphone video obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows the victim running for his life from the impatient machete-wielding man. The victim eventually tripped, giving the man a chance to slash at his face, hands and wrist.

Cellphone video shows the machete-weilding man chase another man on Saturday.

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

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Credit: Channel 2 Action News

“It could’ve been half of my face,” the victim, who asked Channel 2 to only be identified as Chris, said Monday. “It could’ve been my arm. I could’ve lost my life over that.”

The incident happened at a Texaco off Hurt Road in unincorporated Austell, and Chris told the news station he assumes the man got angry at him because he took awhile to turn into the station. While the man angrily honked at Chris, he said he couldn’t turn because of traffic and a red light.

The alleged road-rage driver, who Cobb police identified as Dave Anthony Williams, 33, of Marietta, waited for Chris to exit the convenience store before they began to yell at each other. Chris told Channel 2 he ended up punching the man once in self-defense after Williams charged at him.

In the video, the attack ended after his girlfriend jumped on the man’s back to fend him off. Chris needed stitches on his finger and wrist while also having a wound on his back.

“It didn’t look like he wanted to kill him, but it did look like he wanted to hurt him bad,” the man who took the cellphone video told Channel 2.

Chris was able to get his attacker’s licence plate number, and officers found a vest with Williams’ name tag on it after he sped off. Cobb police hunted down Chris’ alleged attacker at a nearby Walmart.

Williams was booked into the Cobb jail on aggravated assault and battery charges. He remains behind bars without bond, jail records show.

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