Walton County brothers had drunken shootout, deputies say

Two Walton County brothers were jailed after they fired guns during a day of arguing and drinking at home, authorities said.

The “odor of alcohol was overwhelming” when Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded Thursday to a home on Double Springs Church Road in Monroe, according to the incident report. David Wayne Mathis and Michael William Mathis had been arguing since the morning, witnesses told deputies.

When deputies arrived, David Mathis was in the house and armed, according to the report. A deputy talked David Mathis out of the house, and he came out with a cell phone in his left hand and a beer in his right hand, deputies said. As he was being handcuffed, David Mathis took a drink from the beer can, and a deputy had to remove it from his hand.

Several plastic one-gallon vodka bottles were found on the ground, deputies said, while black power rifles, shotguns and pistols were found in the house.

Both men are charged with discharging a firearm while under the influence, reckless conduct and possessing a weapon by a convicted felon, according to jail records.

David Mathis also is charged with interfering with a 911 call. He hit Michael Mathis in the back of the head with a shotgun when Michael tried to call 911, deputies said.