Victim: Armed robber pretended to be resident, stole purse and $800

An armed robber made off with a woman’s purse and $800 after she thought he was a resident at her apartment complex.

The victim, who was not identified, told Channel 2 Action News she thought the man was a resident since he was typing in a code at the call box. The robbery occurred early Sunday in the parking lot of the Elysian at Collier in the 1300 block of Collier Road.

According to a police report, the woman was waiting on the man to finish using the keypad when he allowed her to go in front of him and enter her code. As she was typing the code, police said the man made a noise to get her attention and pulled a gun on her.

“He said, ‘Give me everything you got. You don’t want to get hurt,’” the woman told Channel 2.

Police said the woman initially lied about having money, until the alleged thief forced her to open her purse and grabbed the $800 inside and then took the purse.

He walked back to his car still aiming the gun at the victim, police said.

The man left the apartment complex in the back of a black hatchback-style Honda or Toyota, according to the report. The car was last seen headed northbound on Chattahoochee Avenue. Witness told police a group of men were in the car.

The woman told Channel 2 the robbery has her wanting to move: “I fear for my life every time I get out of my car and walk to the gate now.”

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