Union City officer taken to hospital after wreck on I-85

A Union City police officer was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning after his patrol car was struck by a vehicle as he helped a stranded driver on the side of I-85, the Georgia State Patrol said.

The officer, who has not been identified, was assisting a driver who broke down in the far left lane of I-85 near Fayetteville Road, the GSP said.

An SUV traveling in the far left lane switched lanes to move over when it hit the rear of a van in the lane next to it, causing the driver of the van to lose control. The van rotated and struck a guardrail while the SUV rear-ended the patrol car and hit the concrete wall, the GSP said.

Both the officer and the driver of the SUV complained of injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. The wreck delayed traffic in the area for more than an hour.

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