Uber Eats driver accused of killing customer was stabbed during jail fight

An Uber Eats driver accused of killing one of his customers was beaten in jail, his attorney and fiancée told Channel 2 Action News.

Robert Bivines has been in the Fulton County jail since his Feb. 19 arrest in connection with the murder of Ryan Thornton.

Uber Eats driver Robert Bivines is accused of fatally shooting a customer in February. (Credit: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)

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Atlanta police say Bivines shot and killed Thornton, a recent Morehouse College graduate, after delivering food to the 30-year-old’s Pharr Court South condominium.

Ryan Thornton was killed in Buckhead by an Uber Eats driver who delivered his food, according to Atlanta police. The driver, Robert Bivines, was charged with murder in the shooting. Thornton was shot four times, police reported. (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

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He was indicted on murder charges last month.

Bivines’ attorney, Jackie Patterson, told Channel 2 his client was beaten in jail. Bivines’ fiancée, Shannon Carwell, said during an April 15 phone conversation, she overheard an inmate threaten Bivines.

“I heard the gentleman in the background yelling and screaming at Robert, that I'm going to get you,” Carwell told Channel 2.

According to Fulton jail officials, Bivines got into a fight with inmate Donato Brown. During the fight, Brown stabbed Bivines in the left eyelid with a shank, Channel 2 reported. Bivines was taken to the hospital. Brown had a swollen hand.

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Jail officials said the fight started after a dispute over the phone, Channel 2 reported.

“It can't be mutual if Mr. Bivines was the only one injured,” Patterson told Channel 2. “When you're a high-profile defendant, you're subject to being attacked.”

Carwell told Channel 2 other inmates were calling her fiancé the “Uber killer.”

Patterson wants Bivines in protective custody, but the Fulton jail told Channel 2 Bivines’ charges don’t warrant the protection.

Both Bivines and Brown were charged with fighting, which means their privileges will be taken away for 14 days, Channel 2 reported.