Uber driver charged with assault on pregnant passenger

Myra Graham (Credit: Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

Myra Graham (Credit: Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

A pregnant woman told police her Uber driver kicked her in the stomach before taking off.

Myra Graham, 46, of College Park, was arrested Tuesday on an aggravated assault charge related to the Jan. 30 incident, according to a Fulton County police report.

Atiya Abdul-Khaliq, 22, said that after her friend called for an Uber ride, she saw the car and waved, but the driver didn’t stop immediately, according to the report.

When the car finally stopped and she and her friend got into the car Graham was driving, they asked if Graham had seen them waving her down.

Graham said, “You don’t have to ride with me and you can just get out,” according to the report.

After the two women got out, Graham followed and attacked Abdul-Khaliq by throwing her down and mashing her head to the ground several times, police wrote in the report.

Rafeeqah Abdur-Rahman told Graham her friend was six weeks pregnant, police said. That’s when Graham started kicking the 22-year-old in the stomach, the report states.

When Abdul-Khaliq got the tag number, Graham got in the car and left the area.

Uber spokeswoman Jodi Page said the company removed Graham’s access to the app and is assisting law enforcement with the investigation.

“This report is very upsetting,” Page said.

Graham remained in the Fulton County jail Wednesday.