‘I am the police’ man says while allegedly threatening laundromat employee

A 51-year-old Stone Mountain man was arrested after allegedly threatening a laundromat employee in Sandy Springs.

Rodney Garrick wasn’t satisfied with a refund offer after he encountered a problem with a machine April 4 at a Roswell Road coin laundry, according to a police report.

Instead of taking the money and trying to wash his clothes again, Garrick allegedly grew louder with his complaints and the employee threatened to call the police.

“You don’t need to call the police; I am the police,” Garrick allegedly told the woman in charge.

She told police he lifted his shirt to reveal a Glock handgun while he claimed to be a police officer, the report states.

When Sandy Springs police arrived, Garrick told them he didn’t mean to impersonate an officer. Instead, he meant to indicate that he “was in charge of the situation at the moment,” police wrote in the report.

Garrick was arrested on charges of impersonating an officer and disorderly conduct.

His gun was confiscated by police “for safekeeping,” the report states.

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