Judge to Tex McIver: “I didn’t ever hear you say you were sorry”

Tex McIver will almost certainly spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing his wife, Diane.

Judge Robert McBurney sentenced the Atlanta attorney on Wednesday to life in prison, the punishment mandated by his conviction last month on felony murder.

McBurney granted McIver the possibility of parole -- on the recommendation of both the prosecution and defense -- but it wasn't much of a victory, as the 75-year-old attorney won't be eligible for it until after his 100th birthday.
After hearing from from Diane McIver's former co-workers, and her close friend, Dani Jo Carter, Tex McIver was the only person to speak on his behalf.

McBurney chided McIver for what he didn’t say.

“I didn’t ever hear you say you were sorry for what you did,” the judge said. “To me that speaks volumes.”