Tea bags cause hazmat scare at another Georgia congressman’s office

A suspicious package investigation Monday at the Savannah office of a U.S. congressman turned out to be similar to one in the Atlanta area last week.

The FBI said Tuesday that material from a tea bag appears to be the powder that was in a suspicious letter found in the office of U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter, the Savannah Morning News reported. A hazardous materials crew and police K9 dogs were summoned to Carter’s office because of the threat.

“There was no threat associated with a letter nor a return address,” FBI spokesman Stephen Emmett said Tuesday of the Savannah situation.

“As an added note, law enforcement officials are aware of affiliates of a political or tax protest movement mailing tea bags to congressional offices as a form of protest or other messaging. It remains to be seen if this was the case in yesterday’s matter, however.”

Emmett made a similar statement last week after DeKalb fire and hazmat officers responded to a suspicious package threat at the office of U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson. The substance found in an envelope at Johnson's office in Lithonia also was determined to be tea. Like the substance in Savannah, it was sent to the Georgia Department of Public Health for further testing.

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