2 suspects break into Kennesaw pet store, steal puppies worth $75K

Credit: Petland

Credit: Petland

Employees of a Kennesaw pet store said two people broke in and stole 11 puppies worth more than $75,000 Sunday morning.

According to a spokeswoman with Petland Kennesaw, the thieves smashed into the front door of the store on Barrett Parkway about 1:30 a.m. and set off the security system.

The suspects then took off with the puppies, which were mostly “higher priced Yorkies and bulldogs,” spokeswoman Lauren Petz said.

Credit: Petland

Credit: Petland

Surveillance footage shows the two suspects wearing masks and dark clothes as they approach the store. One of them can be seen throwing an object through a glass door, and then both rush into the hole in the shattered pane.

A second surveillance video shows the suspects rummaging through kennels and loading puppies into bags.

“The two thieves callously threw puppies into large cloth bags, leaving kennel doors open where other puppies could fall and get hurt,” Petz said.

Petz said the store’s staff is “absolutely heartbroken” by the incident and they “love (their) puppies.” She said the store is pursuing any leads that will help them find the missing puppies.

“We intend to bring these inhumane individuals to justice for their actions. We ask that the community share any information to authorities to help return our puppies to safety,” she said.

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