State troopers bathe baby covered in own vomit following arrest

Sometimes personal duties supersedes professional ones.

West Virginia State Police Lt. Michael Baylous told WCHS that West Virginia state troopers found a 1-year-old boy covered in his own vomit and waste and crying in the backseat when they pulled over a vehicle for a suspected DUI Tuesday.

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WVNS reported that the driver was arrested and Senior Trooper D.C. Graham brought the baby back to the state police barracks, which were nearby.

Graham, who is a father himself, gave the baby a bath to make him feel better until Child Protective Services arrived.

"We brought him into the barracks and the smell of vomit and feces overtook the room," Graham told CNN. "The baby was crying profusely. We tried everything. He was just so upset in the condition he was in. There was nothing we could do to get him to stop crying. I said, 'I can't let him sit in this.'"

Authorities said the baby may have been sick for awhile.

The identity of the driver is not being released, but CNN reported that she is the child's mother. She faces a DUI with a minor charge, according to WVNS.

The baby, whose name is not known, is under CPS supervision and in the custody of a legal guardian.