Squatter claims $500K Gwinnett house — before being arrested

When a couple got ready to move into their new house in Gwinnett County recently, they found that an apparent squatter had beaten them to it, according to Channel 2 Action News.

The occupant was so happy with his new $500,000 dwelling  on Settles Brook Court that he posted pictures of it on Facebook. In the video, Joel Fedd and his nephew said they were indigenous Moors people who had a right to the land and house.

He also posted signs on the windows claiming ownership.

Neighbor Jack Campbell got involved.

“I called the guy, and what was his response? He was belligerent ... ‘This was my house, under this law and this law.’”

After the new owners changed the locks, Fedd changed the locks again, and the owners had to change them again, the news station reported.

Fedd said online, “Hey, you all can keep paying rent, you can think this is a game. You can think we are just cappin' but for real talk we are taking the land back.”

Gwinnett County police got involved, and Fedd argued with them, too, the neighbor said.

Fedd is now in jail, charged with criminal trespass and making false statements.

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my 56 years,” Campbell said, “but this is the wildest.”

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