Road rage: Georgia couple said they were rammed, shot at on I-985

Hall County authorities are seeking the driver who rammed a couple’s vehicle on I-985 and shot at them.

“He was road raging and purposely hit the back of us and started shooting,” the woman passenger told 911 dispatchers Sunday night. Channel 2 Action News obtained tapes of the call.

The driver, who asked not to be identified, said he was traveling northbound when a car ahead of him slowed down in the express lane.

When that car moved, he noticed a white pickup behind him following too closely, the news station reported.


“In that moment he swerved and tried to hit us right then,” the driver said, “we swerved off to the left so that he wouldn’t hit us. Then I accelerated to get away from him.

“At that point he turned his headlights off and started chasing us down the highway with his headlights off.”

Then, he said the other driver smashed into his rear bumper, knocking away the paint.

“We heard two gunshots and after that I flew off and left him in the dust and didn’t see him again,” the man said.

The driver is not sure if the shooter was a man or a woman.

Investigators want anyone who knows of a truck with front-end damage to call Oakwood police.

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