Police fire at armed man in apartment complex

U.S. Marshals shot a man in East Point on Friday afternoon. (Credit: Atlanta Police Department)

Atlanta police are seeking a man who they fired at after he allegedly produced a gun, Channel 2 Action News reported.

No one was thought to be hit in the incident Wednesday at the Royal Coach Apartments on Northside Circle.

The man pointed the gun at a maintenance man and cornered a mother and her children in the laundry room before police responded, Channel 2 reported.

Deputy Chief Erika Shields didn’t confirm that the man fired first, but several witnesses said the man pointed the gun at officers, Channel 2 reported.

“We don’t think he was struck (by officers’ shots), but we’re not certain,” Shields said.

“Before Monday, I never saw him a day in my life,” resident Kenya Price told Channel 2. “He just appeared.”