Package thief gets stinky surprise

One Seattle neighborhood is so fed up with package pirates, they're fighting back.
"It's disheartening," Brandon Davis said. "You feel this sense of personal violation."
Davis and many of his other neighbors have invested in security systems and cameras to catch thieves in the act.

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Megan Holt even put a box out as bait. Holt captured the caper on camera and posted it on YouTube.

"Sick of porch theft, I loaded up this dummy box with dirty litter from our litter box. Looks like she won't be getting the clothing she was hoping for,” Holt wrote on YouTube.

Video shows the package on the bottom left of the screen. A girl approaches the steps, she looks off to the side, walks toward the package and grabs it. Only this time, the joke is on her.
"I thought it was funny at first because she got dirty kitty litter. But at the same time, it emphasizes the problem that not only our neighborhood but the city of Seattle is fighting," Davis said.
"Exactly what they deserve," neighbor Lisa Reed said. "Exactly."
Thieves are taking anything.
"I'd left shoes that I stepped out on dog poo on the porch here," Davis said.
Even those weren't safe, so neighbors are looking out for each other.
"I became aware when the neighbors next door asked me, since we're here most of the time, to pick up their packages," Nelson Cabale said.
But just because no one is home,, doesn't mean no one is watching.
"We all talk to each other on Nextdoor and we can piece together our videos and catch people walking down the street," Davis said.
Neighbors say when they catch someone in the act, they'll share that video with police to hopefully catch the person responsible.
Holt said she has filed a police report.