MARTA bus driver, passengers rescue woman stabbed by man, cops say

When Winston Douglas saw Terri Bradley being stabbed along the side of a southeast Atlanta road, he parked his MARTA bus, grabbed a stick and beat the man attacking the 63-year-old woman.

Soon after, a passenger tackled the alleged attacker, identified as Gerald Jones, while Douglas tied his hands with an orange extension cord until officers arrived, according to an Atlanta police report.

The attack felt like something out of a horror movie, passenger June Jarrett told Channel 2 Action News.

"I'm screaming at him to stop, you're going to kill her,” she said. “And (Jones) looks up at me and just continues to stab her.”

Bradley was using a walker at the time of the attack.

Jones remained in the Fulton County Jail on Monday on charges of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies.

Douglas was driving his MARTA route about 10 a.m. Sunday on Ormond Street when he glanced out of his side-view mirror and saw Jones stabbing Bradley in her back, side and chest, according to the report. He pulled the bus over and yelled at Jones to stop and asked someone to call 911.

When Jones didn’t stop, Douglas grabbed a stick and swung at the man, police said. Douglas hit Jones twice before Jones stabbed Bradley again, causing the knife to break off in her leg, according to the report.

Douglas chased Jones down the block and hit him a third time before a passenger ran off the bus and tackled Jones. The men tied an extension cord around Jones until police arrived.

Other passengers assisted Bradley, who was bleeding from the neck, until paramedics arrived. One witness told police he saw Jones stab Bradley 22 times. Bradley was immediately taken to surgery at Grady Memorial Hospital with “several lacerations to her right ear, neck, right bicep, right palm and right thigh,” according to the police report.

Police have not provided a motive, but according to the report Jones admitted “he tried to kill the old woman during the attack and admitted to having violent tendencies.”

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