Man accused of using Gainesville school construction for insurance fraud scheme

Gary Stiles

Gary Stiles

State authorities are searching for a Gainesville man who is accused of an insurance fraud scam involving a school construction project.

Gary Stiles, 62, is wanted on insurance fraud and first-degree forgery charges in the scheme, the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner said in a Tuesday news release.

He’s accused of creating a fraudulent certificate of insurance to cover workers’ compensation and general liability while performing construction at a Gainesville City School in July 2019, the release said. No other specifics on the scam were provided.

“Insurance fraud is a very serious offense that negatively impacts all policyholders,” Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King said in the release.

Insurance fraud can carry a sentence of two to 10 years in addition to a fine of up to $10,000.

Anyone with information on Stiles whereabouts is asked to contact investigators at 404-463-6363. Callers can choose to remain anonymous.

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