Henry County science teacher charged with allegedly pulling student’s hair

A Henry County science teacher is facing criminal charges after allegedly pulling a middle school student out of class by her hair.

Tracy Parham, an eighth-grade teacher at Henry County Middle School, was ordered to turn herself in to the Henry County jail Friday, Channel 2 Action News reported.

As of Friday evening, however, the teacher had not been booked, jail records showed.

The student, 14-year-old Sequoia McMillian, told the news station that Parham got mad when she asked another teacher for permission to go to the restroom after Parham said she couldn't.

“My neck snapped all the way back,” McMillian said. “I didn’t think that a teacher would do that.” 

The incident, which was reportedly captured on the school’s surveillance system, occurred in January. A school resource officer who saw the video filed a battery charge against Parham, Channel 2 reported. 

The teacher’s employment status is unclear as the district did not return requests for comment. A recording sent to parents Thursday notified them that a Henry County teacher was ordered to surrender to the sheriff’s office Friday.

The student’s mother, Latrice McMillian, said she doesn’t think Parham should be allowed back in the classroom.

“Why should she be at the school grabbing and (jerking) and dragging kids?” she asked.

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