Gwinnett deputy resigns amid investigation into missing cocaine evidence

A Gwinnett County sheriff's deputy resigned last week amid an investigation that revealed two kilograms of cocaine never made it to the evidence room at the county's jail.

Antoine Riggins quit after investigators questioned him about the missing cocaine and two other cases in which heroin is believed to be missing, Channel 2 Action News reported Monday.

According to authorities, in at least one case three kilograms of cocaine were taken from the scene, but Riggins checked only one kilogram into evidence, Channel 2 reported. The street value of the missing drugs is believed to be tens of thousands of dollars.

Authorities seized phones and other items from Riggins’ home during a search.

His attorney told Channel 2 his client has cooperated.

“He is a decorated veteran of the Iraqi War, a good man, a good family man,” attorney Mike Puglise said. “His children are suffering from health-related problems, and he's been there as a father.” Puglise said the children have autism.

Riggins had been with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office since 2004 and was assigned to the federal task force for two years.