Georgia Tech student shot leaving crash scene

Police released a sketch of a man accused of shooting a Georgia Tech student as he and his brother were driving away from an accident scene earlier this month.

Claude Rooney, who also goes by Tre, told Channel 2 Action News he still has a bullet lodged in his arm from the April 13 incident.

It began when Christian Rooney picked up his brother from a BP gas station near Georgia Tech at about 9:50 p.m. Christian Rooney’s girlfriend, Dallas Reeves-Hill, was also in the car, so he decided to let his brother drive, according to an Atlanta police incident report.

Tre Rooney made a right turn out of the gas station on Spring Street and headed toward I-75 North, Christian Rooney told police. Then, Tre Rooney started merging into a right lane.

That’s when “a white Honda Civic came up beside them at a high rate of speed and the vehicles collided,” police said in the report.

After the brothers got out of the car, the other driver assessed his car and started to get angry, Christian Rooney told police. But the other driver wasn’t yelling or making threats, Christian Rooney said.

He noticed the man had a gun, so the brothers decided to get back in their car and leave, according to the police report. Christian Rooney said that’s when the other driver shot between four and six times as they were on the I-75 North on-ramp, according to the incident report.

Soon after, Tre Rooney realized he had been hit.

"He was shooting to kill," Tre Rooney told Channel 2.

After the brothers stopped to have a flat tire repaired, Tre Rooney was treated at Grady Memorial Hospital with an injury to his right arm and leg.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.