2 gang members convicted of murder in 2017 shooting

A Douglas County jury on Thursday found two gang members guilty of shooting and killing a man two days before Christmas.

Roger Mills and Moses Bolar, members of the Crips gang Cuzz6locc, face the possibility of life in prison without parole for the Dec. 23, 2017, murder of Masuto Garrett, according to the office of Douglas County District Attorney Ryan Leonard.

That day, authorities responded to 911 calls from a residence just off Cave Springs Road in Douglasville.

According to witnesses, Garrett went to the residence about 9 p.m. to visit a friend. Mills and Bolar, prosecutors said, became aggressive toward him and threatened him “over a dispute with a female who was present.”

The altercation was recorded on a cellphone, and the footage was turned over to authorities.

“The video recording confirmed numerous witness statements which showed the victim was unarmed, offered no violence toward anyone on scene, and was attempting to leave the residence,” Leonard’s office said Friday in a statement.

Mills and Bolar fired multiple shots at Garrett as he left and ran from the scene, prosecutors said. Garrett was shot three times “from two different calibers of firearm” and later died.

Mills was taken into custody Christmas Eve while Bolar was arrested about two weeks later.

“I am pleased the jury came forward and did the right thing to achieve justice for Mr. Garrett,” Leonard said. “This verdict ensures both Roger Mills and Moses Bolar will spend the rest of their lives in prison where they belong and where they can hurt no other members of this community.”

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