College Park officers fire twice at men who allegedly drove at them

Police said they fired at the men after they drove in their direction.

Police said they fired at the men after they drove in their direction.

Two College Park police officers fired their weapons at men they say drove toward them while they were responding to a call, authorities said.

No officers were hurt in Sunday’s incident, which happened at an apartment complex in the 2600 block of Charlestown Drive, GBI spokeswoman Natalie Ammons said.

A College Park officer was sent to the complex about 3:30 a.m. on a “suspicious activity” call, she said. A caller said several men were congregating around vehicles in the parking lot of the complex and that one of them had a gun.

When the officer arrived, the men got into two cars and tried to leave, Ammons said. One of the cars drove toward the officer, she said.

The officer fired his weapon during the encounter, Ammons confirmed.

The two cars tried to flee the parking lot, but officers had arranged themselves at the entrance of the complex to stop them, Ammons said.

Police said while trying to flee, someone drove one of the vehicles toward the responding officers. That’s when another College Park officer fired his weapon, according to Ammons.

It is not clear if anyone was hit by either gunshot.

The two vehicles ultimately drove off in separate directions, Ammons said. One of the cars was found in a different area of the complex, she said. No one was in the car, but a gun was found inside.

Police have not found the second car involved in the incident.

The GBI is still investigating the shooting, which is believed to be the 20th such investigation the agency has opened this year. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also tracks officer-involved shootings that don't involve the GBI, and those numbers sometimes differ from the GBI's tally.

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