Cobb County heroin trafficking ring busted, dozens charged

A Cobb County grand jury returned a 269-page indictment Thursday involving 46 people accused in an investigation of a heroin and methamphetamine distribution ring, District Attorney Vic Reynolds said.

The Good Product Team street gang used Tattoos by Ho at 950 Cobb Parkway as its base of operations for heroin and meth sales from at least September 2013 to last August, Reynolds said.

The team evolved out of another Cobb street gang, Pimps in Red Uniform, or PIRU, in 2007, the indictment said.

The indictment includes 13 gang members or associates and 33 customers who purchased illegal drugs, the indictment said. The defendants are:

  • Antoine Maurice Atkinson (gang member or associate)
  • Dennis Beams
  • James Cook
  • Samantha Cresswell
  • Adam Dehan
  • Corey Erwin
  • Ezzard "E" or "Red" Evans (gang member or associate)
  • Darione Farris
  • Matthew Green
  • Tommy Gresham (gang member or associate)
  • Zibiah Hammond
  • Krissy Harden
  • Eugene Harden
  • John Ho (gang member or associate)
  • Amy Holden
  • Marcus Holland
  • Russell Hucks
  • Charles James
  • Reginald Jones
  • Rachel Lopez
  • Derrick McDonald (gang member or associate)
  • Brandon "Geezy" McFarland (gang member or associate)
  • Aurelius Madison (gang member or associate)
  • Dequentin "Jizzle" Madison (gang member or associate)
  • Xavier "Chad" or "Young Crook" Martin
  • Bernard Mathis (gang member or associate)
  • Erica Monson
  • Jonathan Norton
  • Lamar "Moonie" Odom (gang member or associate)
  • Matthew Osburn
  • Samatha Pinada
  • Julius Rawls
  • Margaret Riceman
  • Stephen Ruel
  • Christopher Sanchez
  • Kenneth Sherman
  • William Simpson
  • Jason Singleton
  • Charles Smith
  • Brenyanna Stinner-Hailey
  • Brandon Truitt (gang member or associate)
  • Shannon Waddle
  • Johnathan Wirt
  • Billy Jo Works (gang member or associate)
  • Thomas Works Sr.
  • Thomas Works Jr. (gang member or associate)

The charges in the indictment include multiple counts of Violation of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and Violation of Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, as well as trafficking in heroin and trafficking in methamphetamine.