Attorney visits suspended as state prisons enhance virus safeguards

The Georgia Department of Corrections is suspending attorney visits, one of several new measures designed to deal with the coronavirus.

Exceptions will be granted, the DOC said in a press release, on a case-by-case basis.

The decision as made in consultation with the governor’s office, the Centers for Disease Control and the state’s Department of Public Health.

Last week, the DOC halted all visitation for inmates, which will continue through April 10. Volunteers have also been placed on a forced hiatus.

Other measures introduced Tuesday:

*Inmates will be alloted free, 15-minute phone calls and free e-stamps per week;

*More hand soap and sanitizer for all facilities, along with enhanced cleaning protocols and additional sanitation officers;

*More thorough medical screening protocols for staff, contractors, vendors and any individual entering prison grounds.

The DOC also announced an enhanced screening process, and diagnostic intake, for offenders.

“Symptomatic offenders with exposure risk factors will be isolated and tested for COVID-19 per health authority protocols,” the DOC statement said.

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