Armed perps rob nail supply store across from police station, cops say

A two-mile chase ensued before the capture.

Happy Nail Supply Store boasts wall-to-wall nail accessories and essentials and is conveniently located across the street from the Morrow Police station.

But that fact didn't keep Rodrick Holt, 17, and Kevin Hinds, 20, from robbing the nail supply store at gunpoint early Thursday, according a post by the department on Facebook.

Officers had just got out of a training class and were in the middle of a shift change when a call came in about an armed robbery at the store, located at 1612 Lake Harbin Road.

“The call came in and we went running to our cars,” read the post.

Authorities flooded the area as Holt and Hinds turned off Lake Harbin Road and onto Heritage Chase, according to officials.

The two suspects’ car fell down a 50-foot embankment, police said. (Photo: Morrow Police Department)

The duo drove behind a home at a high rate of speed, but couldn’t stop, police said. The car slid through grass and went down a 50-foot embankment.

One of the suspects was immediately arrested while the other ran, losing a shoe, police said.

Clayton County police and the sheriff’s office joined in the search and eventually took the second suspect in custody.

Authorities have not said what Hinds and Holt took from the nail shop, but said the duo faces “numerous felony crimes.”

Police said the vehicle in the crash was stolen out of DeKalb County.

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