Crew rescues dog from 40-foot snow cavern near Utah waterfall

Crews rappelled into a 40-foot canyon formed by a snow mound to rescue a dog that fell through an opening Saturday, the Utah County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

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Beeroo, a 60-pound dog, became trapped when it wandered away from its owner and fell into the cavern, which was formed when an avalanche deposited a snow mound at the base of Stewart Falls, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. That can create large openings underneath the service as the snow melts, Utah County Sgt. Spencer Cannon said in the news release. The waterfalls sped up the process, and the dog fell through the opening, Cannon wrote.

A rescue team dug a second hole into the cavern from above, the Tribune reported. The crew set up anchors and one rescuer rappelled through the ceiling, the newspaper reported.

"There was concern about how the dog would respond to a stranger, but in this case the dog seemed glad to see the rescuer," Cannon wrote in the news elease. It took seven hours before Beeroo was reunited with its owner, Yichoo Su, according to the Tribune.

Here is the video that shows Su being reunited with Beeroo: