COVID-19 Reinfection Is More Common in Older People, Study Says

COVID-19 ReinfectionIs More Common in OlderPeople, Study Says.A study published in medical journal‘The Lancet’ has found that older peopleare more prone to COVID-19 reinfection.The data used was drawn from Denmark’snational testing strategy, which saw four million peopletested for COVID-19 over the course of 2020. .Overall, COVID-19 reinfection was found tobe a rare occurrence in the population.Only .65 percent of patientstested positive a second time afterpreviously being infected duringDenmark’s initial COVID-19 waves. .However, the study made an alarming discoveryregarding protection against reinfectionamong various age groups.People over 65 years old were found to haveonly 46 percent protection against reinfection.This is in comparison to younger people whowere found to have 80 percent protection. .Steen Ethelberg of Denmark’s Statens SerumInstitut says the study “makes clear” how important itis to establish policies that protect the elderly. .Since older people are also more likelyto experience severe disease symptoms,and sadly die, our findings make clearhow important it is to implement policiesto protect the elderly during the pandemic, Steen Ethelberg, via Reuters