Cops: 5 arrested after breaking into Fayette store twice to steal guns

One week after they entered the back of a Fayette County sporting goods store through a drywall hole and stole several guns, the same suspects returned early Thursday, according to police.

But this time, they didn’t get very far.

“This time, we have taken five into custody,” Fayetteville police Capt. Chad Myers said.

They are: Brandon Wallace, 24, of Union City; Trevion Hinesman, 19, of Fairburn; Daevon Speller, 21, of Union City; Dante Stubbs, 22, of Fairburn; and Terrance Coffil, 20, of Union City.

On Dec. 21, the suspects broke into Dick’s Sporting Goods in the early morning hours and stole nine firearms, Myers said. Around 4 a.m. Thursday, investigators believe the same suspects struck again. The store’s security alarm alerted police to the break-in, and officers arrived as five suspects were attempting to drive away, Myers said.

“They were caught leaving,” he said.

Officers recovered two guns stolen Dec. 21 and all of the guns the suspects tried to steal Thursday.

The suspects could face federal charges. ATF agents were assisting Fayetteville officers with the investigation.

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