MARTA deputy GM says he was fired without cause



MARTA’s former deputy general manager says he was fired without cause and given no specific reason.

In a social media post Friday evening, Josh Rowan said he was fired on Jan. 5 by General Manager Collie Greenwood.

“The general manager told me I was fired and that ‘we [MARTA] are going in a different direction,’” Roan said. “He shook my hand and left the room.

“After the general manager left the room, the assistant general manager for human resources communicated that I was being fired without cause, effective immediately, and with no severance pay,” Rowan said. “I returned my MARTA-owned equipment on the spot, exited the building without escort or incident, and drove home. Those are the facts.”

MARTA has declined to comment on Rowan’s departure.

MARTA hired Rowan last August to oversee the agency’s capital expansion plans and improvements to its existing transit system. He previously served as Atlanta’s transportation commissioner.

Carrie Rocha is MARTA’s interim chief capital officer, assuming Rowan’s responsibilities. She joined MARTA in 2021 and has been serving as assistant general manager for the agency’s centralized program management office.