‘Cinderella,’ starring Whitney Houston, premiering soon on Disney+

ABC/Disney film, starring Brandy and Houston, will premiere on Disney+ later this month

Credit: Via Disney Plus

Credit: Via Disney Plus

Fans have implored Disney Plus to air “Cinderella,” starring music royalty Brandy and Whitney Houston, for years. Their wishes have finally been granted.

On Thursday, Disney announced that “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” which first aired on ABC in 1997, will premiere on the popular streaming service at “the stroke of midnight” on Feb. 12. Anyone with the Disney+ app can access the film on that day.

The production studio debuted the film, which was the first multicultural version of the classic tale, on Nov. 2, 1997, and it received an overwhelming response. According to Variety, more than 60 million viewers tuned in to the live-action fairy tale that starred Brandy as Cinderella, Houston as the Fairy Godmother and dozens of other stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander and the late Natalie Desselle Reid.

The film featured classic songs from musical theater legends Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, including “Impossible,” “In My Own Little Corner,” “Ten Minutes Ago,” “A Lovely Night” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”

Brandy and Goldberg made the announcement about the film’s debut on Disney+ during Thursday’s edition of “The View.”

“It’s pretty remarkable that people have been begging for ‘Cinderella’ to be re-released for almost 24 years. I mean, what do you think, is it possible?” Goldberg teased while singing a lyric.

Brandy responded: “It’s definitely possible. I appreciate the fans...I’m so excited that Cinderella has a home now at Disney Plus and we can celebrate, and share, and inspire a whole new generation.”

The fan-favorite and critically acclaimed film received seven Emmy nominations in 1998, winning the singular art direction for variety or music program trophy. Fans have been captivated by the tale and the film’s stars, namely Houston who would go on to lead casts in films. The movie featured Houston in one of her many acting roles of the 1990s. The late music legend, whom Lifetime will feature in a documentary this weekend, led casts in such films as “Waiting to Exhale,” “Preacher’s Wife” and “The Bodyguard.”

Brandy, who was close friends with Houston, had long petitioned to have the movie featured on the streaming app, and she and others connected to the film say they’re elated Disney has given fans a chance to see the film and Houston in one of her best roles.

“I am absolutely thrilled that our Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella will finally be available on Disney Plus!” producer Debra Martin Chase told Variety. “As the service got up and running, I became inundated on my social media by inquiries from fans asking why the movie was not included in its programming.”