CDC reports 5,800 COVID-19 infections in fully-vaccinated people

CDC Reports 5,800 COVID-19 Infections, in Fully-Vaccinated People.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)reported 5,800 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in fully-vaccinated people as of April 13.The number amounts to about 0.008 percent of the 66 million Americans who have been fully vaccinated.Like is seen with other vaccines, we expect thousands of vaccine breakthrough cases will occur even though the vaccine is working as expected, CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund, via Yahoo Life.Despite the breakthrough cases, doctors urge the public to remain calm and focus on the effectiveness of the vaccines.Don’t panic ... Vaccines profoundly reduce your risk of getting an infection, but it’s not zero, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s Dr. William Schaffner, via Yahoo Life