Taco Bell menu hit by nationwide supply chain shortages

Taco Bell Menu Hit, By Nationwide Supply Chain Shortages.A statement on the Taco Bell website apologized to customers for the shortages.Sorry if we can't feed your current crave. Due to national ingredient shortages and delivery delays, we may be out of some items, Taco Bell, via CBS News.Taco Bell diehards have been venting their frustration about the shortages on social media.Taco Bell employee told me there was a 'national shortage of everything right now, and I have decided to get my economic news exclusively from drive-thru employees from now on, @CopBroughtPizza, Twitter.Taco Bell has a 'district-wide shortage of hot sauce...times are tough, Taco Bell patron, Twitter.For anyone craving Taco Bell tonight, I'll save you the drive, they don't have chicken or beef, national shortage or something. I just ate black beans in a hard shell, @jenuhh124, Twitter.They couldn't make any burritos since they were out of 10" tortillas, and none of the tacos had lettuce or tomato on them, Taco Bell patron, Reddit.In an email to the press, Taco Bell admitted to the supply chain shortage but didn't specify which items were hardest hit.Apologies for the inconvenience and we hope to feed fans' current Taco Bell cravings again soon, Taco Bell representative, via CBS News