Huge property and tech firms partner to bring EV chargers to Georgia

New EV infrastructure is part of a nationwide initiative by real estate giant CBRE and EV+ to install chargers at 10,000 properties, including some in metro Atlanta
CBRE is partnering with EV+ to install 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations at public places across the country. Courtesy of CBRE

Credit: CBRE

Credit: CBRE

CBRE is partnering with EV+ to install 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations at public places across the country. Courtesy of CBRE

The world’s largest commercial real estate services firm has announced a partnership to help shore up America’s electric vehicle charging network, a critical infrastructure system as fully electric cars become more commonplace.

CBRE said Thursday it is partnering with California-based EV+ to install chargers at 10,000 commercial properties over the next five years, primarily at apartment complexes, hotels and health care facilities. EV+ Chief Executive Joe Schottland said the list will include dozens of locations in the Atlanta area and across Georgia, but specific properties were not disclosed.

Just like gas-powered cars need fuel centers off major roads and interstate exits, EV companies and owners seek similar convenience when looking to juice their cars while away from home. Private companies and governments are pumping billions of dollars into building out that network, but CBRE officials said many well-traveled properties still need chargers.

EV adoption has increased across the U.S., and Atlanta is no exception, though sales were soft in the first quarter of this year. A survey by Carvana found nearly half of Atlantans intend for their next vehicle purchase to be either a hybrid or all-electric. Industry experts say a lack of public charger access is one of the top factors preventing consumers from making the switch.

“Of primary concern to EV drivers these days is convenient access to reliable charging stations at locations where they spend time — and this partnership is focused on filling that need,” Jim Hurless, global head of real estate for CBRE EV Solutions, said in a news release. “Expanding the charging network with EV+ in this manner will help to spur more EV adoption as well as provide property owners with a coveted amenity to serve their customers.”

Founded in 2020, EV+ is an on-site charger installing company that maintains its own hardware, software and networking system. CBRE will assist the company with financing, choosing site locations, maintenance and other managerial tasks, the release said.

Credit: Miguel Martinez

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Credit: Miguel Martinez

The property owners that will receive the chargers will not be tasked with maintaining them, and the customers will foot the electricity bill to juice up their vehicles, akin to a gas station.

While the number of EV adopters is growing, four-out-of-five plug-in car owners live in detached houses and charge their ride overnight at home. Nearly a third of Americans live in multifamily buildings, most of which were built before EVs burst on the scene as the potential climate-friendly alternative to gas guzzlers.

“Our goal is to establish electric vehicle charging capacity where it is most required and desired — properties where drivers spend considerable time, such as apartments, hotels and health care facilities,” Schottland said.

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