Two men get 24 years combined in drug sentencing

Two men were sentenced Tuesday to a combined 24 years in two separate years after pleading guilty to drug charges.

In the first case, William Corey Hughes, 26, of Bowman was sentenced to 13 and a half years for selling methamphetamine. Hughes pleaded guilty to the charge Nov. 15.

According to U.S. Attorney G.F. “Pete” Peterman, Hughes was driving in the middle of the road when he was stopped by a Hart County sheriff’s deputy in Royston.

Hughes refused to give consent for the deputy to search his truck but a drug dog alerted officials to spots on the car, including a front right headlight, that may have drugs.

Authorities lifted the hood and found a metal box that had a gallon-sized bag of methamphetamine, pills and drug paraphernalia inside of it.

In a second, but  separate case, Travis Eugene Pearson, 40, was charged with methamphetamine possession with intent to distribute and a firearms charge.

Authorities arrested Pearson with $13,000 cash in his pants pocket on I-85 when they pulled him over on a traffic violation on June 10, 2015. A Franklin County sheriff’s deputy found a loaded firearm and drugs in clear baggies and drug paraphernalia in the car.

He later admitted at least 10 people gave him the money in South Carolina and that he planned to use it to buy methamphetamine in Atlanta. He also told authorities he had been a daily user of the drug for two years.

Pearson said in the past he had made trips to Atlanta for drug-related activities.

He pleaded guilty to the crimes Oct. 26 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.