Oak View students take class at other schools while boiler replaced

Students at Oak View Elementary School in DeKalb County will continue to study at two other schools Friday while a boiler in their building is being replaced.

The old boiler malfunctioned Tuesday morning, and while the school building remained warm through the day, it would have been too cold to house students Wednesday.

Pre-K to second graders were sent to Cedar Grove Elementary, and third to fifth graders to McNair High School.

School officials said a new boiler was being installed Wednesday morning. Students were taken back to Oak View for regular dismissal.

That “evacuation” plan will continue to be used Friday, DeKalb Schools spokesman Quinn Hudson told Channel 2 Action News.

Students are to arrive at Oak View and report to class, then be transported to the alternate locations. They will return to Oak View in the afternoon for dismissal. Teachers will accompany their respective classes, Hudson said.

While the old boiler was being inspected, a small carbon dioxide leak was found, officials said. But there was no threat to the students as a result because the boiler room is separated from the school areas and has only a door to the outside.

Students initially were evacuated, but returned to school for the rest of the day. Oak View, which is located at 3574 Oakvale Road, has about 840 students.