Man arrested after confrontation at Roswell gas station

Javier Zajda (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)
Javier Zajda (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)

A confrontation at a Roswell gas station led to a man pulling a gun on three people, police said.

Javier Zajda faces charges of aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon after police say he threatened a woman and two men at the Chevron on the 1100 block of Holcomb Bridge Road on Feb. 15.

Police say Zajda pulled into the parking lot, nearly hitting Veola Allen as she crossed the street. Allen told police she had to “hurry across the street so she wouldn’t get hit,” Roswell police officer J. McCoy said in his report.

Zajda parked his car and went inside, but not before Luther Grimes and Shawn Rucker, who were standing in front of the convenience store, told Zajda that he almost hit Allen with his car.

What police say the victims shouldn't have done.

As soon as Zajda stepped out of the store, police say Grimes told him “he needed to be more careful driving.”

That’s when Zajda pulled out his 9-mm handgun and asked if Allen and Rucker wanted to jump him, McCoy wrote in his report.

“Grimes said that he pointed at the store’s security camera and told the suspect he didn’t want any trouble,” McCoy said, “and that there was a camera pointing at them recording everything.”

Zajda’s passenger then grabbed him and told him they needed to leave.

Officers arrested him when he went back to the station later that day. They found the gun used in the incident hidden in his hoodie.

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