Dad talks about delivering baby on I-285

Baby born on I-285 due to icy roadway

While snow and ice brought commuters to a halt Tuesday, one baby girl decided she just couldn’t wait.

Amy and Nick Anderson were on the way to the hospital, but couldn’t make it fast enough due to treacherous road conditions, according to the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Amy wasn’t due for another week. But when she started having contractions, she told her husband to come home from work. Then, the two left their Cobb County home to head to Northside Hospital. Getting down I-75 was fine, the Andersons told Channel 2 Action News.

But I-285 was another story. When the Andersons approached Riverside Drive, they were forced to pull over.

“We couldn’t go forward any more and that’s when I knew,” Amy said. “The contractions had gotten so strong, I knew that this baby was coming, because we just couldn’t get through.”

The baby the couple had already named Grace was going to be born inside her parents’ car on the interstate with her two older siblings in the backseat.

Sandy Springs police Officer Tim Sheffield said he stopped shortly after 5 p.m. and asked the couple if they were having car trouble.

“I said, ‘No, we’re having a baby,” Nick Anderson said.

Sheffield said he then saw the baby’s head, and a few minutes later, little Grace was born.

Mom and baby were fine, and paramedics were dispatched to the area to take the family to the hospital, police said.

Grace wasn’t the only one celebrating a birthday Tuesday. It was also Sheffield’s birthday.