Avoid doing these things around your COVID-19 vaccination dates

Avoid Doing These Things Around Your , COVID-19 Vaccination Dates.As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll outin the United States, you may be wonderinghow to best prepare for your vaccination day.Here are eight things that medical experts and the CDC adviseyou NOT to do leading up to and after your vaccination dates. .1. DON’T takeover-the-countermedications beforehand, They could hinder your body’sresponse to the vaccine.2. DON’T book atattoo or piercingclose to yourappointment. , Body modificationsmay stimulate an adverseimmune response. .3. DON’Toverexertyourself ifyou're goingto exercise, Listen to your body, and go from there.4. DON’Tschedule othervaccines aroundthe same time, Not enough isknown about howthey’ll interact.5. DON’T forgetto hydrate before and afteryour shot, Hydration supports yourimmune system and itsability to function. .6. DON’T forgetto take a photo ofyour vaccine card, It’s important tohave a backup copy,just in case.7. DON’T wearclothes that makeit difficult to accessyour upper arm, You want the area to beeasily accessible for yourvaccine administrator. .8. DON’T worryabout alcoholconsumption, There aren’t anyofficial reasons orrecommendationsto abstain. Just usecommon sense