Woman shot in Takeoff’s killing publicly speaks about it for the first time

Sydney Leday, 24, was shot in the head during the incident

A victim of the shooting that killed rapper Takeoff in Houston has spoken out about the fatal night. Sydney Leday, 24, told CBS affiliate KHOU 11 that she’s thankful to have survived, but has difficulty speaking about the shooting.

“Every day is different,” the Houston resident said in the interview after being hospitalized. “I’m going through different emotions. I haven’t saw a therapist or anything.... It’s a mix of emotions. I have random times where I feel angry. I have feelings of being grateful that I’m still here.”

Leday was one of two other victims who suffered non-life-threatening injuries during a shooting that occurred at Houston’s 810 Billiards & Bowling on Nov. 1. Takeoff, 28, died at the scene. Leday was shot in the head and in the hospital for nearly a week following the incident. She said she suffered a coma.

Leday said she was celebrating her birthday she arrived at a party held at the bowling alley. She said she saw Quavo and Takeoff there and eventually noticed tensions flare.

“It wasn’t any arguments or anything until the event was actually over,” Leday said. “That’s when I knew something was wrong after the fact because I thought these people that were arguing were just playing from the energy that was in the room before. Everybody was around the table playing a game of dice, so I though it was just some friendly banter....Quavo, he was upset, so I noticed something was wrong whenever I noticed that he was really upset.”

Leday’s family is currently organizing a fundraiser to help pay her medical bills. She said she didn’t realize anyone else, including Takeoff, was shot during that night until after she returned home from the hospital. The rapper, born Kirsnick Khari Ball, was part of the Grammy-nominated trio Migos. The Lawrenceville-bred group, known for their triplet flow, was credited for making Atlanta trap music more mainstream.

Funeral services for the late rapper were held in November at State Farm Arena and included appearances from Drake, Justin Bieber and more. Last month, Patrick Clark was arrested and charged in the rapper’s murder. He was later released on $1 million bond from a Texas jail. Following the shooting, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said hip-hop shouldn’t be condemned for the incident.

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“I do not believe that hip-hop equals violence. I grew up on the music. I’m still into the music,” Dickens said in an Instagram post. “Guns plus people being mad equals bad outcomes.”

Earlier this month, Quavo released a tribute song entitled “Without You” to honor his late bandmate and nephew.