Fulton commissioner loses legal fight to disqualify opponent

A judge on Wednesday dismissed the case of a sitting Fulton County commissioner trying to disqualify the opponent who beat him in the June primary election.

Commissioner Joe Carn contested the residency of Khadijah Abdur-Rahman in their district, which covers southern Fulton.

Judge Walter J. Matthews, a retired Rome-area judge who presided over this Fulton Superior Court case, ruled in favor of Abdur-Rahman and noted that Carn only contested her residency after he lost.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” Carn told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, adding that he would need to consult with his attorney before deciding whether to appeal the ruling.

Without a Republican challenger, Abdur-Rahman is set to take the seat in early 2021.

Matthews noted that no one questioned Abdur-Rahman’s residency when she and Carn were two of the nine people who ran last year. They were seeking to fill the seat, which was open following the death of longtime county commissioner Emma Darnell.

“We are grateful that the court was able to see the evidence for what it was and not be swayed by the Petitioner’s desperate and meritless arguments,” said her attorney, Norcross-based M. Khurram Baig. “Ms. Abdur-Rahman looks forward to getting down to the business of serving the citizens of District 6 as the new Fulton County commissioner for that district.”

When asked about his plans, Carn, a former College Park city council member, said: “We’re going to continue to serve the community, but I don’t know what form that will take."