Cobb Chairman calls on officials to respect election outcome

The Republican chairman of Cobb County, a populous suburb and key partisan battleground, called on state and national leaders to respect the outcome of the recent election and “transition in grace" to incoming elected representatives.

Chairman Mike Boyce, who lost his bid for reelection last week, offered his congratulations to Chair-elect Lisa Cupid, a Democrat and his colleague on the board representing South Cobb. Boyce said he stood ready to assist her in assuming her new role.

“I think it’s also important, that as part of this process, that we have a transition in grace, that we acknowledge the voice of the people, we hear them and we move on,” Boyce said. “I hope that this message gets loud and clear to our national and our state leaders, that this transition in grace is part of the election process.”

Boyce was speaking during Tuesday’s regular Board of Commissioners meeting, a day after both Georgia’s incumbent Republican senators called on the secretary of state to resign over unspecified voting “failures” after President Donald Trump fell behind President-elect Joe Biden in Georgia. Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are both facing runoff races in January against Democratic challengers. They offered no evidence to back their claims.

Boyce said he found it “extraordinary” that four years ago nobody complained about the results of the election, "Yet four years later, we have people who question the integrity of the voting process because they lost.”

Boyce, a retired Marine colonel, invoked his service ahead of Veterans Day Wednesday.

“Tomorrow, I just think it’s a great time to remember, if nothing else, what this country stands for,” h—e said. “Although veterans fought for freedom, and still fight for freedom, we all fight for freedom in our own ways, and the way to do that is to acknowledge the will and voice of the people and to continue, to encourage, what I call this transition in grace.”

(Watch Boyce’s comments here around the 1:19 mark)