Clayton County puts brakes on single-family home rental developments

Clayton County is saying no to subdivisions designed for single-family homes built as rental units, a month after the city of Stockbridge did the same thing.

The south metro community on Tuesday enacted a six-month moratorium on approving homes that are not built to be sold. The move follows complaints about at least one new townhome community where units switched from being sold to potential buyers to being rented to those looking for a home.

“This is a real issue in our community,” said Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin Warner, who sponsored the legislation. “We need to all stand up to it.”

Stockbridge in late January created a similar moratorium to Clayton County’s after Pineview — a recently approved development on the city’s north side — switched from selling new homes under construction to renting them.

Sale prices for the homes started at $200,000. They are now being rented for $1,600 a month.