Attendees shout down Council member Michael Julian Bond

Shortly before 8 p.m., attendees began shouting at Council member Michael Julian Bond after he started to respond to a speaker who questioned comments Bond made to the media that building the training center is not a choice by council but a necessity for the city.

“City council members are not just elected representatives of the individual voters or persons who are in the city we are also the fiduciaries of the city,” he said. “And as fiduciaries of the city — whether it’s the public works department, the police department, the law department — we are responsible for the facilities that the employees use... so whether it’s the deal that’s before us today or some other iteration, eventually the city of Atlanta will have to acquire equipment, build facilities for our departments. And that is a fact.”

The crowd in the chamber erupted in boos and shouted back and forth with Bond. Shipman was unable to control the room. Attendees began turning their backs to the council every time Bond responded to a speaker.