Atlanta man convicted of 2013 drug-related murder

An Atlanta man was convicted of murder Friday after shooting a man in a dispute over skimmed drug profits.

A jury found Wayne “Bookie” Welbon guilty of shooting Taurean Reeves inside a St. James Drive home in Atlanta in February 2013.

Reeves, 26, and Welbon, 29, used the house to sell illegal drugs, and in early 2013, Welbon believed he had discovered Reeves had been pocketing a portion of the proceeds.

Welbon shot Reeves 15 times with an assault rifle.

He then got a local drug user to help him hide the body in a wooded area 100 feet from the home.

Two weeks later, Welbon’s accomplice went to the police. He said his conscience would not allow him to keep the secret any longer.

He reported the murder to police and identified Welbon as the shooter.

Friday, Welbon was sentenced to life plus five years in prison