Airport police cite unauthorized rideshare drivers in ‘sting’

Six people cited as unauthorized rideshare drivers at Hartsfield-Jackson

Amid complaints about unauthorized drivers soliciting passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, authorities said they cited six people operating as “non-registered rideshare drivers.”

Hartsfield-Jackson recently restricted access to the airport 24 hours a day, as it deals with complaints about unauthorized drivers soliciting passengers, homeless people in the terminal and periodic issues of theft from baggage claim carousels. Separately, some have raised concerns about car thefts from the airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson said airport police “executed a successful undercover operation” last Friday to cite the unauthorized rideshare drivers, and also arrested several people for violating airport regulations. Two people attempted to evade law enforcement but were identified by their vehicle tag numbers, according to the airport.

“We remain vigilant in our efforts to identify and apprehend individuals who disregard airport regulations, defending the well-being of our passengers and the integrity of our operations,” said Atlanta Police airport commander Major Kelley Collier in a written statement.

To be authorized for rideshare pickups at Hartsfield-Jackson, drivers must be signed up with an authorized rideshare operator, have a vehicle that meets airport requirements and follow the airport’s queueing system for drivers to wait for passengers to pick up, among other regulations.