Wang Wang BBQ fails follow-up inspection

A recent follow-up inspection earned a failing score for Wang Wang BBQ in Morrow.

Among violations, cooked duck, pork ribs, and chicken were held at unsafe temperatures, and the meats were discarded. In addition, the ducks were cooling in the back with a dusty fan blowing directly on them.

An employee used the same utensil when moving from raw chicken to raw beef several times, even after being asked to stop. Other employees were not washing their hands as needed while preparing food. A pot was obstructing the hand sink.

Multiple food items in two coolers and on the counter were at unsafe temperatures. The items were relocated, and the temperature in the coolers was lowered.

Food was also stored improperly in coolers. For example, raw beef was between raw chicken in the prep top cooler, and raw eggs were next to carrots in the walk-in cooler.

A molluscan shellfish tank had no approval variance.

Wang Wang BBQ, 5208 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, scored 51/U, lower than its March 10 routine inspection score of 76/C.

The restaurant must submit a risk control plan before being re-inspected.