Trees Atlanta unveils list of 2021 ‘Champions’

Trees Atlanta recently unveiled its 2021 list of Champion Trees.

Trees Atlanta recently unveiled its 2021 list of Champion Trees.

Each year, Trees Atlanta publishes the list of Champion Trees in metro Atlanta. The compilation of the list is a labor of love lead by an amazing volunteer team, according to a press release. The list includes specimens located mainly inside I-285; all trees are nominated and identified by community members then reviewed by trained Champion Trees volunteers.

These trees represent some of the oldest, tallest, broadest, and most beautiful trees our city has to offer. These grand friends have witnessed the ever changing landscape of Atlanta and are part of our city’s iconic urban tree canopy.

2021 Atlanta’s Champion Tree List includes :

  • 22 new Champions
  • Notable additions to the 2021 list, include a pecan and tuliptree in Herbert Taylor Park, and a blackgum at Hawk Hollow, a public greenspace owned by the Wylde Center
  • 361 total Champion trees with up to top three per species
  • 11 are also State Champion Trees
  • 8 Champion trees have died since last year

Though seemingly ever present, trees come to their end, including Champions. Sadly, in 2020 among the Champion Trees we lost from our list includes what was once the tallest dogwood in United States that stood at Woodlands Gardens (Decatur) and the champion franklinia that stood at the Atlanta History Center.

The complete list:

To nominate a tree to be considered for next year’s list, go to to learn more about the Trees Atlanta Champion Tree program. Trees Atlanta’s Champion Tree program is a wholly volunteer run project.

Volunteer opportunities: